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Jan 20, 2013 5:00am PST
, but not the government. >>> and yesterday young women were invited to write letters to victims of tragedy. it was sponsored by the girls rock girls leadership sandy. they wrotelers to those from the elementary school sandy hook shooting. one was particularly affected. >> i don't like it that they killed so many people and he just want to stop the violence that was happening in the schools and to keep the schools safe. and the homes. >> the letters will be published in a book to be sent to both groups. >>> well, after a three-year absence, maverick surf competition is back. today is the day surfers from all over the world come here to tackle the waves. a surf advisory is still in effect. that could mean some major waves. abc7 news reporter sergio has the details. >> photographer kevin harrington caught some great shots of surfers out testing the waters in preparation for tomorrow's mavericks competition but getting the shots was an adventure. >> we were going to be trashed by one of these huge waves because they were just coming way up over your head and the boat just tips over. it's scary
Jan 15, 2013 5:00am PST
government is watching carefully? >> he could face a federal lawsuit after this interview airs with new insight on how the interview went. sources say he admitted he used performance enhancing drugs but the former president of the union is not ready to talk about the concession because he has not seen it. a sportswriter talked to armstrong and says he was ready to tell the truth. >> he was calm, ready to speak candidly with oprah. >> he could face expensive legal problems after the interview. sources say he is in talks to possibly repay some of the millions of dollars to the postal service paid if they sue to get it back. the deadline is thursday and that is the same day armstrong's interview with oprah is scheduled to air on her own network. before the interview he apologized to the staff of the charity he founded, a foundation spokesman said he was heartfelt and sincere. >> this morning, police are investigating a body found in the trunk of a car near the university. the car was parked in a no parking zone on petaluma hill road. the car was towed away last night. investigators say it
Jan 16, 2013 5:00am PST
state acted before the federal government putting in place the toughest gun control laws in the nation. >> this is a comprehensive bill that addresses the full spectrum of issues that come up. >> the fork -- new york law would require mental health professionals to report anyone deemed a threat. amen -- mentally ill people with guns is a lethal combination. >> advocates vow to range war, with the possibility of impeaching rebound if the gun control measures go too far. reporting live in washington. >> thank you. happening now, a school bus drivers went on strike in new york city leaves tens of thousands finding other ways to get kids to school. the strike started early this morning involving 8,000 drivers concerned about job protection. 152,000 new york city students rely on the buss and a third of them are disabled. this is picketing out there in the cold, in the rain, parents are scrambling on a day like this to use car pools or make other arrangements. this is going to be tough. >> san francisco police released a picket of the man suspected of killing a dog during a robbery. 35-year
Jan 17, 2013 5:00am PST
one foreclosuring filer by a lender. >> this morning, federal government regulators have rules to protect homeowners from thieves and poor service from companies that collect mortgage payments. there will be a requirement of clear monthly billing statements from the companies and they have to warn borrowers before raising interest rates. the bureau will also actively help homeowners avoid foreclosure part of an overall of mortgage rules. >> researchers at carney are out with apps that are the worst at taking personal information without letting you kow. one app on that list could surprise you, angry birds. researchers analyzed 100 most popular apps and here the other nine: frost game,, mousetrap, horror scope, shazam, pandora interpret radio, and background wallpaper, and virtual pets. they say that the apps collect your location, information about your device, and your contact list. >> the san francisco 49ers are holding a road trip sweep states given to a fan for the game in atlanta on sunday welcomes two round trip tickets and a hotel. you can enter by using t
Jan 18, 2013 5:00am PST
of the main government facilities along highway 12. a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the completion of the installation project is scheduled for tomorrow and the project will save the county nearly $1.5 million in energy costs. >> we have suffered through the cold but there is no shortage of solar power. >> it has been sunny. >> most of us were in the 60's yesterday. all of us are in the 60's today. good morning, everyone. because we have this stagnant air that is warming we still have the possibility of poor air quality especially in the north bay moving through san francisco and all the way down the peninsula to san mateo bridge. eastbound, south of san mateo bridge and in the santa clara valley you going to have better air quality but we are in this together so everyone has to not burn wood today. here is a look at the jet stream and you can see the moisture creeping up from the south so we could have a few high clouds and the moisture will leave more fog in the overnight hour and warmer temperatures overnight as air with more moisture in it does not cool as quickly as dry air. s
Jan 22, 2013 5:00am PST
government here in washington, dc, he will need some g.o.p. support to pass the big agenda items. >> the national prayer service takes place in a few hours at 7:30 our time and begins at the national cathedral. tonight at 6:00, another inaugural ball is underway for the president and lady gaga takes the stage at that. >> hand warmers. scarves. >> and a reporter posted there were hand warmers everywhere. >> nothing that we need here. mike nicco? >> we had a run on the hand warmers in the central valley over the weekend for baseball tournament at 26 degrees when the kids were playing. it feels like six where our reporter is in washington, dc. the fog we were watching in santa rosa has lifted with nine miles visibility and a temperature of 32 with quarter-mile visibility earlier. we have had reports of black ice. 32 inland and low 40's for the rest of us and upper 50's to mid-60's from noon to 4:00. the next three days, showers tomorrow and thursday and friday are cooler but dry. sue? >> a look at the drive from antioch westbound highway four bunching up, less than 20 miles per hour
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6